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ionCube decoder files is a time consuming task, but it is possible with Decodez and we can deliver these files to you in decoded and open source.
Every developer and company would like to have access to its source if it uses a script or program, and to apply it if it needs to make changes.
Well, don’t worry anymore.

Price : $4.99 $2.9 per file

For the first time, Decodez.NET has provided you with a professional panel.
By sign up to the panel, you can easily order the ionCube decoder and download the file in the panel.
Working with the panel is very easy and if you have any questions, it is possible to send a ticket in the panel.

How can i decode ionCube files?

  1. Sign up in the Decodez Panel.
  2. Enter the new order section. (ioncube decoder)
  3. Attach your encoded file.
  4. The cost is calculated automatically, pay the invoice.
  5. Wait for the file to be systematically decoded.
  6. Download the ready file.

What is PHP ionCube Encoder 11 ?

Version 11.0 of the ionCube PHP Encoder is the industry standard solution to protect PHP scripts, making it quick, simple and easy to protect your PHP source code from observation, theft and change.

The ionCube Encoder compiles sourcecode to bytecode, can obfuscate and encrypt compiled code if desired, and has features to protect decryption keys in various ways, including a unique approach of algorithmic non-stored keys we call Dynamic Keys.

Join our panel right now.

You only pay $4.99 $2.9 per file !!