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SourceGuardian is another file encryption method that makes PHP source files unreadable. Decode SourceGuardian is as difficult as ionCube Decoder ! But we at Decodez have started working with the slogan “Encryption does not make sense here”.

So don’t worry and you can join our panel to decode your SourceGuardian files.

We respect the hard work of the programmers, but unfortunately, many people have contacted us that the programmer no longer provides updates or asked us for very high amounts to spend time on their project again. Well, we decided to start our own activity in 2018 and get permission to abuse some users. With Decodez, you can access the original source of the files so that you can rest assured that your file is not malicious and you can easily edit it.

– Price : $14.99 $9.9 per file

Working with the panel is very easy and if you have any questions, it is possible to send a ticket in the panel.


sourceguardian decoder


How can i decode SourceGuardian files?

  1. Sign up in the Decodez Panel.
  2. Enter the new order section. (sourceguardian decoder)
  3. Attach your encoded file.
  4. The cost is calculated automatically, pay the invoice.
  5. Wait for the file to be systematically decoded.
  6. Download the ready file.

What is SourceGuardian ?

SourceGuardian was originally launched in 2002 and quickly became the professional choice for PHP code protection.

Thanks to our early market entry, and the customers who put their trust in us, we’ve been able to develop SourceGuardian into the most advanced protection solution available, used by thousands across the world.

Our team of programmers have created proprietary methods for encrypting code whilst keeping the maximum flexibility for the distribution of your scripts.


Join our panel right now.

You only pay $14.99 $9.9 per file !!