ionCube – PHP Encoder 12 | Encode & Secure Your PHP Files

Well it is definitely very valuable for any programmer, code and resource.
Especially if you have licensed your codes, you must maintain the security of your codes.
Decodez Here, along with decode, we also do ionCube encode , but what is the difference between our encoding and the encoding of other sites?

1- Two-layer encoder
2- Low price
3- Support
4- Professional panel
You can keep your codes safe for only $1.7 per file.

ioncube encode php


How can I encode my PHP file with ionCube?

  1. Sign up in the Decodez Panel.
  2. Enter the new order section. (ioncube encoder)
  3. Attach your source code file with ZIP.
  4. The cost is calculated automatically, pay the invoice.
  5. Wait for the file to encoded.
  6. Download the ready file.


What is PHP ionCube Encoder 12 ?

Version 12.0 of the ionCube PHP Encoder is the industry standard solution to protect PHP scripts, making it quick, simple and easy to protect your PHP source code from observation, theft and change.

The ionCube Encoder compiles sourcecode to bytecode, can obfuscate and encrypt compiled code if desired, and has features to protect decryption keys in various ways, including a unique approach of algorithmic non-stored keys we call Dynamic Keys.


Who needs to encode?

Website Designers:
Website designers, in order to preserve the coding of the WordPress template and other CMS templates, can use ioncube encoding so that others cannot easily copy their template.
Product Developers:
Undoubtedly, programmers need to encode their sources, because 99% of sources are licensed, and if you don’t encode them, your license will be easily broken and the product will be NULLED.
– Companies:
So that people inside the company cannot access the source of the site, companies can encrypt their files so that only the management can access the source.


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