What services does DecodeZ provide?

DecodeZ team’s specialized services are programming and script development.
But here we decode the types of files for you.

How can I trust DecodeZ?

In the world of internet, TRUST is very difficult and we give you the right, if you need a Demo, send a Ticket to send 15 lines of your code…

How is the payment made?

We accept these payments:
1- Cryptocurrencies
2- WebMoney
3- Perfect Money

I Can Pay With Paypal?

Unfortunately, the Decodez team has not accepted PayPal since 2021.
It was a big and difficult decision.
But due to some users abusing our honesty, we closed our PayPal account.

Does your site support API service?

Of course, by joining the panel, you can get the API key of the web service and cooperate with us as a reseller.

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